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Information in English

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Joensuu Herättäjäjuhlat 2022 Contact Information

- Kati Nissi, secretary general, 050 552 11 24, **@**

- Petri Karttunen, committee spokesman, 045 189 34 40, **@**


Welcome to herättäjäjuhlat religious festival!

The herättäjäjuhlat Festival is one of the largest spiritual summer festival inside the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is always held in a different place. The organizers are Herättäjä-Yhdistys Association and the local parish as a partner locality / city. Please find more about the Finnish religious movement Awakening. You can also visit our web shop.

See here the list of the festivals beginning in 1893.

See here photographs of the older festivals.

Regardless of the weather, the festivities are celebrated under the sky, on the festival field. The arrangements are mainly carried out with the help of volunteers, and a total of about 1,500 helpers are needed.

The basic body of the program is seurat aka conventicles, a kind of prayer-meeting. The seurat, which last about an hour, alternate between short speeches and hymns sung unaccompanied by a hymn book called The Hymns of Zion. (Some of them have been translated in English, see here.) In addition to the seurat, the festival has an additional program for children and young people, as well as e.g. various meetings, concerts, etc.




Basic Information

All the basic information you need for a good experience.

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Program, Thursday June 30th 2022

Tastes of religious festival herättäjäjuhlat program,  volunteer info and opera performance Viimeiset kiusaukset The Last Temptations by Joonas Kokkonen. (in Finnish) Lue lisää

Program, Friday July 1st 2022

Singing hymns, participating services and a number of other events. Note also Körttiradios night program! Lue lisää

Program, Saturday July 2nd 2022

Bible study, hymns, conventicles, lot of other program.

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Program, Sunday July 3rd 2022

The mass and other services.

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Festival Restaurant 2022

Traditions, locality and sustainable choices are visibly present at the festival catering service. The festival restaurant is located at Areena Hall on the street level. Lue lisää

Herättäjäjuhlat Prepares to Hot Weather Conditions

Weather forecast for the weekend predict hot and sunny days. The organizers remind of drinking water frequently enough. Lue lisää

Traffic 2022

Welcome to Joensuu. Even if you use navigator, please follow the festival guidances on the road when you are arriving to Joensuu. The parking is directed avoiding the city center. Lue lisää

Accommodation 2022

Accommodation bookings beforehand and when arriving.

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Attending Herättäjäjuhlat With Pets

Are you taking your pet with you? Organizers of herättäjäjuhlat wish all pet owners get to know these instructions before leaving home. Lue lisää

Lost/found Articles and Baggage 2022

Lost and found office and baggage storage are located in Joensuu Areena festival office, Mehtimäenaukio 2. Lue lisää

Volunteering at Religious Festival Herättäjäjuhlat

Volunteers are welcome to herättäjäjuhlat. There are plenty of tasks, for example in catering, accommodation and construction. Lue lisää

Harassment Contact Persons 2022

Herättäjäjuhlat takes into account security-related points and is prepared for possible harassment situations. Lue lisää

Other Interesting Things To Do and Places to Visit

You can find many interesting places and activities besides the festival!

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News and Stories

Here you can read most accurate news and stories of the festival in English. Lue lisää

Herättäjäjuhlat Festival Feedback 2022

Tell us how we succeeded. You may give us feedback until the end of July 2022. Lue lisää