Traffic 2022
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Traffic 2022

Photo: Jouko Liikanen

Welcome to Joensuu. Even if you use navigator, please follow the festival guidances on the road when you are arriving to Joensuu.

The parking is directed avoiding the city center.

Get to know Joensuu and festival area maps here. 




  • If you come from  west (road 23/9), set Joensuu horse race field, Linnunlahti 5  as a destination. The parking lot is at the horse race field area. The distance from the horse race field to the festival field is app. 1,1 km.

    The traffic is  guided through  the Siilainen junction (road 9 → to the right: Joensuu junction L → to the right: Siilainen/Noljakka → from the circular junction to the left →  Yliopistonkatu  → to the right: Heinäpurontie).
  • If you come from  north (road 6), set the destination of  the navigator Yliopistonkatu 2. The parking lot is located beside the Aurora building (University of Eastern Finland).
  • If you come from  south (road 6), set the destination as Hallitie. The parking lot is in the parking house of Hallitie. The distance to the festival field is app. 750 m.

    The traffic from south  is guided in the city center through Rantakatu (road 6 from the west to the right: Joensuu E / Niinivaara/Karsikko junction → to the left Joensuu/ Niinivaara → Suvantosilta → to the left from the traffic circle → Rantakatu straight ahead).
  • If you come from  east, the guidance for those coming from south apply.


Parking fee 10 € / day

You can pay the park fee

  1. by 27.6 After the payment you get the ticket to present to the salesperson when entering the parking area.
  1. when arriving the parking area
  1. at the festival field sales booths


Caravans and campers

Set the destination as Joensuu horse race field, Linnunlahdentie 5. Follow the festival guidance by the arriving routes. The distance to the festival field is app. 1,1 km.

See further instructions Accommodation.


Tourist buses

The parking area for tourist buses is located at Louhelankenttä field, Länsikatu 17. The buses leave the travellers on the stops beside the field.

The distance to the festival field is app. 350 m.


Camping and parking for the holders of a parking card

The camping and parking lot for people with disabilities is located between Vesikko swimming hall and University of Eastern Finland. The distance from there to the festival area is under 100 m.

Accomodation for campers see Accommodation.



All parking areas are available, excluded Hallitie parking lot and disability parking lot.

We recommend Kenttämiehentie parking area at Kenttämiehentie. The distance to the festival area is app. 200 m. You may take your baggage to the lost and found desk. 




On the front of the Aurora building there is a big area  where you can leave your bicycle. 

Smaller areas for bicycles are located near Vesikko swimming hall and Areena.


Public transport



The distance from the train station of Joensuus to the festival field is app. 2 km.

Long distance buses

The long distance buses stop beside the Market Square. The distance to the festival field is app. 1,1 km. For  those arriving from west the nearest bus stop is Yliopisto (University)  bus stop at Siltakatu.

Local public transport

The bus stops near  Areena and Kerubi Stadions are the following:

Yliopistokatu bus stop

  • Line 2 Utra – city center – Marjala
  • Line 4 Kulho – city center – Onttola

Koskikatu Ystävyydenpuisto bus stops

  • Line 2 Utra – city center – Marjala
  • Line 4 Kulho – city center – Onttola
  • Line 101 Niittylahti – Joensuu – Ylämylly
  • Line 102 Joensuu – Liperi

Siltakatu bus stops

  • Line 101 Niittylahti –  Joensuu – Ylämylly
  • Line 102 Joensuu – Liperi


It is also possible to take a bus to Outokumpu, Kuopio and Varkaus.

See JOJO Waltti timetable at Joensuun reittiopas. See summer timetables (aikatauluvihko) in PDF format here. Prices

You can pay by cash when getting on bus. One time ticket may be bought at Waltti Mobiili (mobile payment) ,  instructions for uploading the applications at the site. The ticket is valid  from the moment of purchase.



The festival area taxi  stop is located in the front of Vesikko swimming hall, Kenttämiehentie (tel. 0601 10100 or +358 601 10100 Taxi Eastern Finland) see the map.


Parking for volunteers

During the building work, starting from 27.6. the main parking area for volunteers is located at Louhelankenttä, Länsikatu 14. During the festival the volunteers are allowed to use other parking areas without fee by showing the volunteer parking ticket. The parking areas for disability parking are not available for volunteers.

Check up-to-date parking instructions for volunteers