Basic Information
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Basic Information

The new phone application by Herättäjä-Yhdistys Association unifies Körttiradio, Herättäjäjuhlat, Hymns of Zion, the event calendar, Nuori Yty site, videos, podcasts and donation channels under the same roof on your phone. By using the free application it is easy to surf from one place to another and if you allow, it also reminds you of Körttiradio programs.

The user-friendly and fast application you can upload from your own app store by using the word  Herättäjä-Yhdistys.The application is available for both Android and iPhone devices.


Protecting Each other – COVID-19 Guidance Updates


Valid regulations made by authorities are being followed by the organizers before and during the festival. Please follow the guidance.

  • Visitors are also guided by information ads and loudspeakers.
  • Please do not enter the festival area if you have any respiration symptoms or you think you may have been infected by corona virus.
  • Follow updated recommendations for wearing mask and keeping distance.
  • Prefer to pay by card.
  • Take care of your hand hygiene! At the festival area you have possibilities to use hand disinfectant and wash your hands.
  • Please check updated regulations before travelling to the festival.
  • You are expected to follow the regulations.





Festival Office and Info Point 2022


Festival office and info point are situated at Joensuu Areena, Mehtimäenaukio 2. See Festival area map, entrance hall number 4

Festival office and info point open hours:

  • Thursday 30th June 10–21
  • Friday 1st July 10–21
  • Saturday 2nd July 8–21
  • Sunday 3rd July 7.30–17

There are Festival info guides and meal and parking tickets available at the office and info point. Also festival area maps, information about the program and event places etc. are available from the staff. Hymns of Zion has also been printed in Braille (in Finnish) and you can borrow one for yourself. You may also charge your phone for 2 € fee. Take your own charger with you.

Phone numbers during the festival:

  • Info point 044 934 4238 or +358 44 934 4238
  • Festival office 041 751 9606 or +358 41 751 9606



Encountering Point


Located at the info point and festival office area.



Festival Area 2022


NOTE: Dogs are not allowed to enter the festival area. Only guide dogs may enter the festival area.

Joensuu herättäjäjuhlat will be held at the Finnish base ball stadion, Joensuu Areena and  the yards surrounding them.

The area is very suitable for arranging the festival. Almost all the space you need already exist there. Restaurant and cafeteria service are available at Areena Hall and that applies also all weather dependent kiosk service, says committee chair man Matti Turunen.

The festival field is located at the Finnish baseball stadium. There are benches for 4000 visitors underneath the sky. A roof with seats for 2500 visitors and other seats form the area into a big service hall.

There is space for together 7000 persons at the stadium. There are also several kiosks at the field where you can buy refreshments, souvenirs etc.

The festival area is located at the western side of the grid plan area. It is easily accessible from all the roads coming to Joensuu, says Turunen. All the parking areas, which are quite many, are located as a walking distance from the festival area. Festival roadsigns guide visitors arriving from all entrance roads to the parking areas.



Festival Restaurant and Cafeterias 2022


  • buying meal and cafe tickets
  • meal and cafe ticket colours and prices
  • restaurant and cafes open hours
  • cafeteria prices


Carbage Collecting and Recycling


At the festival area there are carbage cans where you can put the carbage.

Near the catering areas there are several recycling bins for organic waste and also returning bins for bottles.

Other tableware is made from paper and therefore burnable.

Recycling bins for metal and plastic waste are located near the toilet containers.


Families with Children

Playgrounds etc.

Playground for children is located at the Finnish baseball stadium, beside the festival fiels. See map.

There are also sand boxes at the stadium area. There is a small activity point and guided program for children at Areena.

Nearby the festival field there is a small forest where it is possible to have adventures.

At the playgrounds the parents are the supervisors and therefore responsible for the safety of their children.



Child Care and Baby Care Point


Children between 3–7 years may be left to Areena cabinet which is supervized. The maximum time for playing at the cabinet is 2 hours. There is room for 18 children at the same time.

Children have possibilty for playing games etc. Sunday schools for children are held at the caretaking room on Friday 1nd July and Saturday 2nd July at 12 and 16.

Baby caretaking room is for nursing and changing diapers. The parents are expected to take care of their children. Baby caretaking rooms are behind the Areena Cabinet and at the Finnish base ball field. See the map.

Child care tel. 050 385 5143 or +358 50 85 5143

Open hours:

  • Friday 1st July 15–18
  • Thursday 2nd July 9–18
  • Saturday 3rd July 9–15
  • Sunday (baby care room only) 9–15



First Aid and Security 2022



Emergency Telephone Number: 112 or +358 112



Security guards work at the main event areas and some of the other event areas, too. In the night time there is guarding at the main event area. Festival guests are asked to be prepared for security checkings. Regulations for corona are up–to–dated at the site.

Security officer Matti Immonen tel. 044 968 0021 or +358 44 968 0021.


First Aid and Recovering Rooms

First aid and recovering rooms are located near the main entrance at Areena Hall. In case of emergency there is an ambulance on duty in the front of Areena Hall. There is also one health care point for emergency cases at the Finnish base ball stadium.

Nurses and physicians are available during open hours.

Open hours:

  • Friday 1st July 15–20
  • Saturday 2nd July 8–21
  • Sunday 3rd July 8–16


Health Care Notifications

Festival guests are kindly asked to bring their medicine and health insurance card (KELA, EHIC, GHIC etc.) and also lists of medicine.

University Pharmacy (Yliopiston apteekki) is situated beside the Market Square, Koskikatu 7, tel 0300 20200 or +358 300 20200. Open hours daily 8–23

In case of any health care issues visitors are asked to contact movable first aid groups at the festival area or first aid at Joensuu Areena or baseball stadium or security guards. If needed, patients are guided to health center or hospital treatment.

North Carelia Central Hospital is located in Tikkamäki, Tikkamäentie 16. The hospital is open all the time.



Accessibility 2022


Our goal is that the festival would be a nice experience for all visitors.

  • Parking information for persons with movable disabilities–liikenne–2022#liikkumisesteiset
  • Temporary taxi station in the front of Vesikko swimming hall, see map.
  • The festival is held on an even ground. Sections from E to L are accessible. The cafeteria on the 2nd floor is accessible for wheel chairs. The elevator is left from the festival office.
  • There is available induktion loop on the section L.
  • Sign language point is on the section F. The following events on festival field are being interpret into Finnish sign language: opening service, Bible study, Day service, Mission service, Mass, Ending service.
  • Higher benches are situated on the section F at the festival field.
  • There is an accessible line at Areena restaurant for peope with movable diseases.
  • Accessible toilet is situated near the toilet containers.
  • Common assistant service for visually impared and persons having movable disabilities. Common assistant is to help moving and acting at the festival. We kindly ask inform us beforehand if there is need for such assistance. Email **@**. Common assistant service you may also ask from the staff at the festival office (juhlakanslia).
  • Hymns of Zion printed in Braille (in Finnish) are available at the info point and festival office.
  • Feel free to ask any further information about accessibility concerning events arranged elsewhere, for example in churches.