Attending Herättäjäjuhlat With Pets
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Attending Herättäjäjuhlat With Pets

Are you taking your pet with you? Organizers of herättäjäjuhlat wish all pet owners get to know these instructions before leaving home.




If you come by car, we recommend parking at P1 area, Hallitie parking house (see the maps). The parking house stays quite cool even in hot summer days. You may take your dog to have a rest in your car and go yourself to have lunch or attend services etc. All guests coming by car from south and west are guided to this parking house on Hallitie street. Also the guests travelling with pets coming from other directions are welcome to park their cars there.

Directions for those coming from west: Follow herättäjäjuhlat roadsigns but don’t turn to area P2 or P3. Instead drive straight ahead and follow the roadsigns leading to P1 parking house.

Directions for those coming from north: Follow the roadsigns P but don’t turn to Yliopistonkatu. Instead drive 500 m straight forward, then turn to right to Linnunlahdentie and follow the roadsigns to P1 parking house at Hallitie.

Pets are not allowed to stay in dormitory, joint and youth accommodation places. Linnunlahti camping area beside the horse race field welcomes pets. Please follow the guidance and make sure your pets don’t cause disturbances on the area.

The height limit for caravans is 2,30 m in P1 parking house. Those staying at the camping area may park their cars and caravans also in P1 parking house without extra cost.


Limitations on the festival area

Dogs are not allowed to enter the festival field located on the Finnish baseball stadium. From the festival field to the south there is a small forest you can take your dog for a walk and sit with you while listening speeches and singing Hymns of Zion. Take your own blanket with you and also water cups for you and your pet. There are two water points at the festival area where you can fill your water bottles without any cost. Check the festival map for further information. Please follow the guidances on the area. The visibility to the festival area is moderate and you can also hear the speeches and songs. A part of the forest is reserved for families and children. Follow the area guidances.

The festival restaurant and other joint services are located in Areena Hall, where you are not allowed to take dogs with you. The festival market, grill and some of the cafeterias are located outside between the stadium and Areena. You may walk your dog in this area but please make sure that your dog doesn’t cause any harm to anyone. You are expected to take your own dog waste bags with you.

Guide and service dogs are allowed to enter the area. Other dogs are expected not to disturb them. The joint programs are not allowed for pets.

You may walk your dog for example in Kuhasalo. The walking distance from the festival area to Kuhasalo is about 3 km.

Near the festival area you can find many routes where you can walk your dog. For example, there is a dog-friendly route for joggers and bicyclists beside Mehtimäki lighted sports route where you can walk your dog.  The triangle-shaped route is about 1,7 km long and from there you can find several routes elsewhere, for example to Pyhäselkä lake shore in Honkaniemi.

The nearest apex of the triangle-shaped route is behind the altar side of the festival field. The nearest fenced dog park is located in Hasanniemi, about 800 m from the parking house forward. See koirapuistot at



Dog Sitter Service by 4H Association and Pet Care Hotels

Trained dog sitters from 4H Association may offer help if you need a temporary dog sitter for example when attending services. You may also hire a dog sitter to take your dog for a walk or to visit a dog park. Contact directly with the dog sitter or 4H Association. The best way to contact dogsitters is to upload 4H Helppi application to your phone and to register there. Choose the town Joensuu and the localication Mehtimäki.

There are three pet hotels in Joensuu where you can ask a place for your pet to stay for all the festival weekend or for a short time period.


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We hope these instructions can guarantee a nice weekend for all guests. See you at herättäjäjuhlat.